Sand In My Shoes (A Case of Post-Vacation Blues)


May 11, 2016 by Ifeoma Dennis

beverlyIt’s Wednesday morning, the 11th of May, and I’m still up at 4am, unable to sleep. I talked with my boyfriend for about two hours last night before bed (we said good night at 12 midnight my time, 1am his), and before we said good night to each other, I’d promised him I’ll sleep so we can talk for a bit again in the morning.

Last night, I also couldn’t sleep until 4am, same with the night before last. And even after I sleep, I end up getting three to four hours of sleep. My eating has been dismal, I’ve been picking on fruits, eating little of anything else, and the abs I’ve been complaining to my boyfriend about losing since he came and kept taking me out (not that I’m actually complaining about that! Felt good to eat at fancy restaurants with a chivalrous boyfriend! But I went all the way from my solid 113-115lbs to about 121-123lbs!) have all come back in their full glory. I haven’t checked my weight, but I do know I have lost a couple if not all of the weight I gained during his visit.

In these past couple of weeks my shining knight has been here, I’ve been used to going out and doing everything with him, exploring places, working out, eating, playing, forgetting all other cares in the world. And now it’s back to reality, meeting the many deadlines I have for residency, dealing with spiders that’d crawl up the wall alone without my shining knight there to kill them (for some reason, they never showed up when he was here!), I wake up feeling tired and yearning for a vacation with him all over again.

Surprise surprise (just kidding), as all MDs do, I have already self-diagnosed my symptoms. Post-vacation blues, with an anticipated duration of one to two weeks.

It’s happened before. I had post vacation blues after I visited both my family in Nigeria, and then London as a solo tourist in the summer of 2014. I have post vacation blues after I have a pleasant experience in a place, or with a person, or with both.

Sometimes I even have post-exciting news physiological responses like after I’d realized I’d matched and my American dream was on its way of becoming real…I couldn’t sleep and I went down to my good old 110lbs from the 116lbs I was before the news.

Anyway, over the years, I’ve developed strategies for dealing with my post-vacation blues…although the best cure is usually time.

Shortly after my London vacation in 2014, I moved to the US for rotations so that helped me with forgetting my homesickness for my family and lovesickness for London…

This time around, I’ll be visiting home in a few weeks…and hope that helps…and I’ll probably feel blued again after that because it’s a cycle that keeps reinforcing itself…

lndon bridge

My shining knight, always being the gracious boyfriend that looks out for me, offered that we start talking in the mornings as well to get us both started for the day (we usually talk only at nights, but text each other throughout the day)…so hopefully, talking with him after I wake up, imagining he’s here all over again, would help push the blues away and get me more pumped up to work out, complete my deadlines, and sleep on time! A great start to the day leads to a productive day.

Guess those will suffice until I visit somewhere new again with my favorite young man…or at least, till these blues go away…

In the meantime, I leave you with this song by Dido, which inspired this post’s title:


One thought on “Sand In My Shoes (A Case of Post-Vacation Blues)

  1. *HUGS* I’m so glad you have an amazing set of adventures, and I completely understand that feeling afterwards. When I returned to a blazing, 3-digit temperature in California after my first trip to the UK where I fell in love with the country and decided I needed to move there, I listened to this Dido song endlessly for weeks. I’d had the most magical time and I couldn’t imagine living life without living it back in the UK, in the circumstances I’d experienced. I returned to working three jobs, trying to pay off bills and I was pretty miserable. You’re in a way better situation than I was because you have the new residency adventure ahead of you now. But I totally feel for you. All I can say is the blues will pass, and the memories can be used to push you forward 🙂 xxx

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