Self-Discipline Is A Pretty Hard Business (Aka Late-Year Resolutions)


November 5, 2014 by Ifeoma Dennis

First off, I’m a big believer in resolutions, which is why I don’t make them often. And which is also why I don’t wait till a special day to make any. I make them as the occasion demands.

Earlier this year, around the 8th of January, after thinking I would have no resolutions for 2014, I made one- one that might sound even silly- and it was to drink eight glasses of water a day.

It might seem so unserious, but given my struggle in 2013 with ice cream and all things soda-ey/ sugary, my thinking was that the only way to wean myself off those harmful liquids was to drink eight glasses of water a day. Only after I’d taken the eight glasses would I permit myself to take anything liquid that wasn’t water. Which sounds easy to maneuver, until you realize that your stomach really does not have much “liquid capacity” left after downing eight glasses of water everyday.

So to make a long story short, my little resolution worked! In as little as three weeks of practice. Before I knew it, I was walking past the aisles in the grocery store and the lines of chocolate, ice cream, soda, even cakes didn’t ignite a pang of want in me. I still have those snacks once in a while, but only in social settings and always in small quantities.


I would love to say this is the end of the story, but then, no thanks to the stress of studying for my upcoming exams (which btw, has been upcoming since forever), I developed a new addiction.

I tweeted the first in March, and the second in May, but it’s still a problem- and it was actually one of the three issues I was thinking about when I uploaded my cover photo on facebook, which is about God giving us power, love and SELF-DISCIPLINE.



Oh the word.


Especially given that I’ve added about 3 to 4 pounds since I came to the US, which I so want to lose, without working out (that would be another resolution of mine once the time is right. Trust me, one day it would).


So I’ve made a new resolution.

I’m only permitted to have 128 calories worth of cookies a day. I bought these low-fat, low-sugar cookies from Publix, of which every four is worth 64 calories (I usually have 4 cookies with my morning coffee). So I can have four more cookies in the course of the day as snack, and the rest of my snacking would be fruits.


So far, it worked today. I had both green and red seedless grapes, papaya, strawberries and pineapple (the mixed fruits package from Publix). All for less than 90 calories, and healthy calories at that.

I’m hoping it’s become a healthy habit by the end of the year. Heck, I’m hoping I even keep up with it tomorrow because right now, it feels like the hardest task I’ve ever set out to do in my life.

You know, because self-discipline is a pretty hard business.


So now, I leave you with a picture of my pretty friend.



5 thoughts on “Self-Discipline Is A Pretty Hard Business (Aka Late-Year Resolutions)

  1. Jodi says:

    I did your same resolution several years ago, Ifeoma–the eight glasses of water a day thing. I even blogged about it: Sadly, I am completely back to NOT drinking water. So if you find some of that self-discipline mojo, blow some my way!

    And cookies….yum…

    That pug is SO CUTE. Oh my gosh.

  2. I’ve been going INSANE on cookies lately. Because of the struggle with a lot of solid, harder goods (like fresh veggies, unfortunately), I’ve been eating tons of sugary products because they’re so much easier to dissolve while chewing, making for easier swallowing. (This is on the upswing right now, BTW, thank God) But I’ve been buying gluten-free cookies and “healthier” cookies, as well as the not-so-healthy kinds. I’ve always preferred salty to sweet, but I’m a Cookie Monster at the same time, so it’s really hard for me to cut these out. I always want a cookie or 3 with tea or coffee. But you’re doing awesome and I’m sure you can keep it up!! Why does the bad stuff have to be so darn appealing? *sigh* Good luck!! 🙂

  3. Yael Itamar says:

    Self-discipline? What’s that?

    The “eight glasses of water a day” thing sounds like a really good strategy. You can probably share that with patients, too.

    Good luck with the fruit and cookie thing.

  4. ohdustin says:

    We have too much Halloween candy in our house, and I’ve made myself sick eating it! I think this happens to me every year. It’s also why I work so hard not to bring sweets into the house.

    Love your puppy dog!

  5. krystal jane says:

    Aww, pug! So cute. ^_^

    I’m with you. I make goals whenever I think about it. It’s too much pressure to do it on a special day!

    Cookies, huh? I really think sometimes that sugar needs to be classified as a drug. For some reason I’m really into these kosher gelatin-free marshmallows of late. They’re pretty dense so I only eat five at a time, but I looked at the back of package just now and that’s a 90 calorie serving! I was really surprised. LOL! Not that it’s crazy high, I just really thought it was half of that.

    Good luck battling the cookies!

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