WIPMarathon Report 8!


September 27, 2014 by Ifeoma Dennis

Seriously guys, our wipmarathon reports is about the only thing keeping me writing at this tumultuous(?) period of my life. So thanks everyone for being there! ❤

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:
67 102 words and done with my first chapter (or so I thought).

Current report WC + CC/ SC:
69 068 words and done with my new first chapter. (sorry, I know you’re sick of hearing this). Okay, my wordcount would be a couple thousands lower once I move all the previous versions of my chapter one I have, but for this report, I’m keeping it because it makes me feel a tad accomplished inside.

WIP Issues This Month:
Same issue with last month, which was reinforced after I saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Will explain below.

Four things I learned this month while writing:
Thanks to all the knowledge I’ve gained so far from reading so many blogs, I watch movies with a discerning eye these days. So when I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy and it starts off with the main guy dancing to 80s music on his player on a strange planet, I kept wondering how that would factor in at the end. I knew it would, because good movies/books always end where they started, so I kept watching to see how. And when I did see how, it was so well-done!

It taught me that it didn’t have to be some extraordinary power/gift of the protagonist that could be used at the end, but something else. It could be a possession, their history, anything basically that they could use to their advantage to defeat the villain. I don’t know why it never occurred to me, but this knowledge gave me a whole lot of flexibility with planning my ending, which I must add, I might not even get to write this year. But I like to plan ahead, and it gives me confidence when writing other scenes.

That, to be honest, was the only writing lesson I learned this month. It seemed like a lot though, because it opened this great window into the brain-room of my writing.

What distracted me this month while writing:
I would really love to think of a lot of excuses, but I just didn’t have the inspiration to. First of all, this month started off a bit rough, then it went on to being good, then it went back to being stressful again. I’ll be traveling to Atlanta soon for some rotations, and have I mentioned how I hate apartment hunting? Especially when you’re on a budget like me, and still picky…and student housing available to American students are not available to you because you’re a visiting, international student.
A non-writing lesson I learned this month: I would love to be very rich. But so does everyone, I guess.

Goal for next month:
If all goes well, I’ll be in Atlanta by next month’s wipmarathon, and I really don’t know how much writing I can get done what with moving again and settling into a new place, but I would take it chapter-wise now. So my little goal is to write and finish chapter two next month.

Last 200 words:
It’s the last 200 words, just before the last sentence. I just wrote it tonight, so I didn’t proof-read it or anything.

“And who would the Conservators blame for the stupidity of our people?” Pladdia’s step-father made a tsk-tsk sound. “The one who controls their blood.”

Her mother shook her head. “No, they would blame the one whose breath keeps the city pulsing. Stupid breath, stupid city.”

He smiled, and Pladdia couldn’t help copying him too. It was always that way with her mother and stepfather. They loved each other, but none of them was ready to admit that one was more important to the city than the other. Or that they were important in equal proportions.

“I see no correlation between my breath and the— ”

“Okay, okay,” Pladdia cut in now. “Let me find out what’s wrong with our neighbors.” Cold had returned, and her body was in its natural habitat again. Her Sphere would work now.

She lifted her head, and summoned for her Sphere with her mind. It took a while before she lowered it down. When she spoke, her voice was grave.

How did your month in writing go? Looking forward to catching up with all of us! ❤


17 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Report 8!

  1. Jodi says:

    Atlanta? Wow! How long will you be there for?

    Turning to movies for inspiration is SO LOGICAL. A movie has to do what a book does, but has a mere 90-120 minutes to do it.

    You discussing the merits of the beginning of a story playing a role in the end reminds me of my MS, which sort of takes that to the Nth degree, because the very last line of my book is the same as the first line. But I don’t think it counts under the context you were describing here. 🙂

    “No, they would blame the one whose breath keeps the city pulsing. Stupid breath, stupid city.” I love this so much. It just makes me smile.

  2. Wow, I didn’t realise you were off to Atlanta! So is this leaving Chicago for good, or will you be coming back? At least you’re definitely getting to see places and meet people 🙂 I hope it’s not too terribly stressful. I know how moving can be — I’ve moved 27 times in my life thus far. Here’s to a smooth transition!

    I loved what you say here about Guardians, and how it made you realise that what the protagonist does at the end doesn’t have to be some extraordinary power in order to give them the edge. I never thought of it this way before, but it’s a perfect example and I’m definitely writing this down. Thank you for sharing that!

    And as for new first chapters, I am SOOO with you on that one… I stand by the belief that they are the hardest things to write!

    • Wow! 27 times makes my moving pains pale in comparison. You’re such a strong woman! Just another reason to admire you 😀

      I might still come back to Chicago for a few electives, but I’m not sure yet how everything would work out. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to take it one step at a time.

      First chapters are so much pain! But hopefully, we’d work them out one day!

  3. Yael Itamar says:

    I think the important thing about endings is that the reader doesn’t feel like they’re coming out of nowhere (ie, deus ex machina). If a character saves the day by shooting lightning out of his hands, and you’ve never seen any hint of him having that kind of ability, you would feel cheated as a reader. Same goes for information that is revealed at the end of the novel–you would want to hint at that information earlier (or at least bring up an indirect question that would be answered by said information).

    I have a good friend who lives in the Atlanta area. Would you like me to ask if he has any recommendations?

    • So much truth in what you said! I guess I’m good at reading blogs and lots of writing advice, but the application is a bit difficult, so seeing movies that reinforce those things help me learn more.

      Yes, you can ask him! And thanks so much! I’m in touch with a realtor in the N.Buckhead area, but I would love to have options if that doesn’t work out.

  4. krystal jane says:

    I want someone to gift me some millions so I can read and write all day. ^_^

    I have that movie on my to watch list. Everyone keeps talking about how good it is. It is so true that books aren’t the only things we can learn major writing lessons from! Getting that first chapter right hard. I always need to know where I’m going so I can get the beginning right. I don’t think I’ve ever put quite that much thought into it though.

    Best of luck with trekking around again. I know it has to be stressful. You’ll be down south with me! It’s much warmer this away. ^_^

  5. Amy McNulty says:

    Ha, we’d all be to be rich. Then we’d actually have more time to write! 🙂

    I think it’s amazing you wrote at all, considering how busy you are! And you can’t move into student housing?! What?! You’re already leaving Chicago, too? No… You’ll miss our winters. XD (That’s a good thing for most people!)

    Guardians was a lot of fun! I’m glad it gave you some inspiration. I love it when something I’m passionate about does that.

    • Yes, I’m leaving Chicago just as I was settling down to enjoy it! But I’m not sure I was looking forward to its winter haha! Although I already shopped for coats and such.

      I so much enjoyed Guardians! Can’t stop thinking about it!

  6. Guardians of the Galaxy was such a *GOOD* movie. I really hadn’t expected it to be on the level it was. I mean, I figured it’d be pretty good because the trailer was just perfect (I mean, come on… serious story with that music? Yes please!), but every time I read about someone dissecting it (like you did!) I realize even more how awesome a movie it was.

    And that lesson: it’s an important one! The best shows and movies and books, they all end where they started. I learned this lesson, too! It’s what catapulted me into rewriting GYRE this last and final time. I went through all my favorite TV shows and books and wrote down where they began and where they ended, and looked at how much of a mirror it was. And just WOW. I’ve especially been dissecting Arrow with each season they put out because the producers are huge Joss Whedon fans and it really shows, and the writing is awesome. But then again, *I’M* a huge Joss Whedon fan, so I’m biased LOL.

    You’ve got so much going on! I wish you luck in apartment hunting and with your rotations in Atlanta. That’s so much moving in such a short amount of time :/ Keep your head up and I know you can do it!! If you ever end up out my way in Connecticut for anything, let me know! xx

    • If Joss was behind Guardians of the Galaxy, oh my, I am so sold! I need to get on all his shows….once I have the time! That movie was incredibly amazing and I had similar sentiments about the music in such a serious story! I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed at all bahaha! I laughed so hard in the theatre when that happened 😀

      Thanks for your good wishes! I’ll sure let you know if I ever stop by your area! ❤

  7. I absolutely loved Guardians, and it’s true – the best books do end where they started! Best of luck next month! 🙂

  8. Great writing lesson! I’ve been dying to see Guardians of the Galaxy but will have to wait for the DVD now. Good luck with all writerly and non-writerly things in October!

  9. H.M. Brooks says:

    “A non-writing lesson I learned this month: I would love to be very rich.” Good one. 😉

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