WIPMarathon Report #5


June 28, 2014 by Ifeoma Dennis

Major spoiler ahead: this was my worst month writing wise. The very worst!

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:
58 088 words and 22 chapters completed


Current report WC + CC/ SC:
64 576 words and still working on my 24th chapter. So that’s roughly 6500 words written this month.


WIP Issues This Month:
I had to redefine my supporting character’s motives and kind of turned him from the bad boy he was meant to be, to someone with better intentions.
This meant I had to rewrite some scenes, and create better foreshadowing.
Secondly, I realized I had to rewrite my first chapter for the zillionth time, so I could further simplify my plot, or more specifically, my main character’s gifts.

Four things I learned this month while writing:

1. I read City of Ashes, the third book in the Mortal Instruments and although it isn’t the end of the series, it is the conclusion to one villain, at least. And one thing was clear when I was reading it, Cassandra Clare follows this rule to the hilt (she did the same for her Infernal Devices). I should too, because it makes the climax a lot more fulfilling when done well.

2. A good book inspires you to write. I should make more time in my life for good books.Traveling also inspires you to write. But then, it also gets you exhausted.

3. Your characters’ motivations might change. It is possible. A villain might be better playing hero, and vice versa. You just have to do what suits your story best.

4. You learn while writing. No amount of outlining would make your story perfect when you get down to it. I have a massive outline and yet I’m still rewriting. I used to think something was wrong with me, but then I read this Rae Carson tweet and knew that I wasn’t alone.


What distracted me this month while writing:
Vacation, vacation, vacation! I went to London, and saw some beautiful places,including Wimbledon and Windsor Castle! I also went to Nigeria to see my family, so it was a whirlwind of a month but one that was all-round fulfilling. Only thing is I’m still have post-vacation blues two days into coming back, and it’s really difficult getting back into the rhythm I need for this island.


Goal for next month:

Another 5k-10k. I figure if I keep up with this pace, I might be finished with this WIP by the end of the year.

Last 200 words:

Pladdia had lunch with Niteo, who had bags under his eyes as if he hadn’t slept for a long while, and Kyara, who looked flawlessly beautiful in spite of her disheveled hair. They both sat across the glassy table from her, picking at their food as if they were only eating because they had to eat. That was the way she felt, at least.

She admired their self-control though, not bothering her with questions.

“Mind if I open the windows?” Niteo asked them both, although he didn’t wait for an answer before striding over to the cloud-dusted twin windows. “Looks all dreary in here.”

The dining room did indeed look dreary, and the deep-blue, frost-free glass that carved the twenty-four dining chairs didn’t help matters. A sole light floated in circles above them, but its blue light was dim, just like Pladdia’s mood.

“What happened to you? Where did you go to?” Kyara asked at last. “We thought you went back to Albina’s House, but we couldn’t find you anywhere.”

“Lost my way,” Pladdia said. Telling the same lie the second time came more easily. “Tripped on the moonlight tracks and they swallowed me into tumbling darkness. Ended up here. Not that I was conscious of anything in there.” So please, don’t ask me any more questions.


I know some of us made major progress and I can’t wait to be inspired by everyone!


10 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Report #5

  1. amandashayne says:

    You did so well, Ify–it may have been your worst month, but it still rocks. You’re moving forward, that’s all that matters!

    Your first chapter shall one day be the best first chapter ever written. You’ve given it so much love, so I know this to be true!

    I too need to make more time in my life for books. That’s something I didn’t mention in my post, but it’s also something that’s affected how much I’ve been writing lately.

    That tweet rocks. Love it.

    And so does your excerpt! That last paragraph is so beautiful, and I have no idea where Pladdia went/what she did, but I can’t wait to read it and find out. I find lying characters so very interesting, if you haven’t noticed by my liar-liar characters in DD. 😉

    Hope you find inspiration and time to write before you move, Ify!

  2. Jodi says:

    I was always happy if my word count moved up by even 3K in a month…I’m thinking I REALLY need to bump up my writing expectations.

    Love that profound tweet and could not agree more!

    You’re excerpt, as always, is awesome. I like that last line “So please, don’t as me any more questions.” Gets me all sorts of curious.

    And off topic, but London!! So jealous!

  3. I don’t know, Ifeoma, I had a look at your word count for the month, and even if you HADN’T gone on holiday, I’d still say you did amazing. Congrats!! And hang in there with the post-holiday blues. Like I said, it does fade with time, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying looking at your photos and reminiscing. 🙂 That’s what they’re there for. ❤

  4. catyorkc says:

    I love that tweet you posted. We really do end up putting undue pressure on ourselves with certain projects.

    You got so much done even while you were on vacation! I loved seeing your pictures and I’m glad you got to see your family. Good medicine.

    Keep being awesome, Ifeoma. I look forward to your posts and reading this book!

  5. Amy McNulty says:

    For your “worst” month, that’s not bad at all! I must not have been on Twitter much during your trips–wow, two awesome vacations! 🙂 I hope you had a great time. It’s a wonder you wrote at all–I get too exhausted while traveling.

    Good luck! Agreed with Suzanne, you’ve been “teasing” us with this intriguing book for so long–can’t wait to read it!

  6. krystal jane says:

    Oh my gosh, I said something similar in my #2! ^_^
    Vacations are so awesome. It sounds like you had a nice long time off. Plus, 6500 is still good! You’re right on track to finish.

    Mortal Instruments is on my TBR list. I can’t wait to get to it!!
    Great description of the dining room! ^_^

  7. Yael Itamar says:

    I saw some of your tweets from your trip. It sounded like a lot of fun!

    “Lost my way,” Pladdia said. Telling the same lie the second time came more easily. “Tripped on the moonlight tracks and they swallowed me into tumbling darkness. Ended up here. Not that I was conscious of anything in there.” So please, don’t ask me any more questions.

    I have no idea what this paragraph is about, but it’s awesome. Also, “Tripped on the moonlight tracks and they swallowed me into tumbling darkness. Ended up here.” needs to be an internet meme.

    That Rae Carson tweet reminded me of a really good one by Lauren DeStefano (https://twitter.com/LaurenDeStefano/status/482701158029340675)

  8. Wow. Rae’s tweet is perfect. I’ve been having the same issues lately. That’s so cool you got to travel to London! I’ve always wanted to go there. How awesome was it? I still have to read the Mortal Instruments books… haha.

  9. That Rae Carson tweet is awesome, and so true! I outline, but I never stick to it rigidly and the characters always surprise me. I always have to do at least one mega-revision (sometimes rewriting the draft) to factor in new character motivations and foreshadow things that cropped up as I was writing!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your travels! I hope England’s weather treated you kindly. 😉 (It’s currently raining and sunny at the same time, so that’s…normal summer. :P)

  10. That Rae Carson tweet is awesome! I should put that on a post-it beside my screen.

    6,5k is still pretty darn good! Well done!

    Another intriguing excerpt. Hurry up and finish this novel already so we can start reading it in its entirety please!

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