WIPMarathon Report #4


May 31, 2014 by Ifeoma Dennis

Whew! We’re almost halfway through the year. And my novel is yet to be finished. *sigh*

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count:
48 128 words and almost done with the 19th chapter.


Current report WC + CC/ SC:
58 088 words and 22 chapters completed. Also done with my second act! Just two more to go now 


WIP Issues This Month:
A few days back, I did find out the motivation of my main supporting character was not very convincing, and decided to change it. But this means quite a couple of the major conversations in the second act need to be rewritten. Ugh.


Four things I learned this month while writing:
I really didn’t browse through writing blogs this month, but here are a few things I learned from writing my few thousand words this month.
1. There are so many rules of writing and check lists for good fiction out there. Don’t work yourself up over following everything in detail that you lose your freedom to create. Funny thing is once you start writing, the pieces would fall in place, and you’ll end up not breaking those rules.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions you think a reader won’t ask. I kept trying to convince myself my supporting character’s motives were good enough, but when I gave ear to the pressing voice within, I admitted it wasn’t. So now, I’m back to re-plotting some of his scenes.
3. Sometimes, a movie helps with recharging writerly fuels. I watched some episodes of Once Upon A Time one of the days I wrote 5k in a day. I was so pumped up!
4. Time is on our side. One day, the things we started would be completed, and in good time.


What distracted me this month while writing:
Books and life issues. I had some anxiety problems as well too, which made me binge out on Netflix to feel good, instead of writing.


Goal for next month:
I achieved my 5K-10k goal last month. It’s my goal for June too! I’ll be traveling and wouldn’t have much a time to pull this off but I’ll try to sneak in writing when I could.


Last 200 words:
So many spoilers abound, so taking an otherwise-ordinary excerpt from the earliest chapter I wrote this month. It’s very out of context and still hasn’t been edited!

Pladdia blew out air into the night. “I’ve told you. I have no idea.” Her energy was past arguing or providing answers.
“Fine. I would be going home,” said Niteo, and Pladdia raised her head to catch his face.
“I will be going home,” he repeated.
“You will be safe here, and you can borrow a flare from them. Or you can take mine. I need to attend to my body anyway.”
“Fine.” Her heart was too numb to think, to be…broken.

How did everyone else’s month go? Can’t wait to be inspired by all your stories!


18 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Report #4

  1. Cat York says:

    It helps to know what the rules are, but yeah, don’t stress over it. Especially if you have a good reason for breaking them and it’s pertinent to the story. I think you made excellent progress and all with everything you’re doing for school. I can’t wait to read this ms, but take your time finishing it and trust your instincts. When it’s published, you are the one answering for every word of it, so it’s okay to make sure it says what you want it to say! Hang in there and keep up the great work, Ifeoma! ❤

  2. Yael Itamar says:

    It’s best to view “writing rules” as suggestions, rather than rules. Even if you follow them to the letter, the best you’ll end up with is a book that’s indistinguishable from hundreds of other books.

    As for #2 — OMG yes.

  3. julzwrites says:

    Congrats on the progress, Ifeoma!! So happy for you and even though the book isn’t done yet, you got a tremendous amount of words down and that is a cause to celebrate.*blows party horn and pours confetti*
    And just like you, i find that watching a movie or t.v show always unlocks my creativity and makes me more excited and pumped to write. *Goes to indulge on some episodes of The Walking Dead*
    Anyways, wishing you all the luck in the world with this month’s writing and i hope you overcome any hurdles and plot bunnies that are thrown your way. You’ve got this! Also, i hope you have fun and stay safe during your travels! ❤

    • Awww thank you so so much, Julia! ❤

      Haha you totally should! I haven't watched Once Upon A Time since then, but I definitely will when I want to write again. Anything to keep the writerly fire burning 😉

      Thanks again, and wish you the very best with your own writing too! (Btw, you're totally free to join us, so we'd know how you're doing every month. But no pressure ❤ )

  4. No sighing allowed Ify when you got 10k written! You ought to be so proud of yourself! And here I was on my blog, all happy about my less than 4K (to be fair, I thought I’d get no writing done since it was the last month of school).

    I know that stomach-dropping feeling of having to change a detail in your story that results in having to change multiple conversations, etc. I’m at that stage with my MS. Now that I’m approaching the end, there are so many things that I feel like I have to go through and change, but it feels like I’m overhauling the entire book. I’m not looking forward to it.

    Congrats on meeting your goals for this month!

    • Thanks, Jodi! I’ll try not to sigh, although knowing I won’t make our deadline is worth sighing about. And it starts with the little steps…you know, writing 5k in a month instead of umh…30K.

      (hugs) I know what you mean. I’m not looking forward to that either. Last night, I was going to start working on said changes but took one look at it and decided to sleep instead. o.O

  5. You are so right on by saying that trying to keep track of ALL the writing “rules” and checklists and wonderful advice out there will just drive us mad. Every time I see a great new article about setting or plot or character motivation, etc., I feel the urge to make a big list and go through my entire MS with it…. but I read great articles on a sometimes daily basis. This is impossible, but by at least reading these articles and letting them sink in (and I clip the best ones into Evernote and tag them and re-read them later), you’re right — we DO naturally end up doing these things anyhow. But it can be a lot of pressure on ourselves to try to tick off every single box EVER. So thank you for reminding me of that! Great work this month, keep it up!! 🙂

  6. amandashayne says:

    Pladdia and Niteo–I can’t wait to see more from them. You did really well this month, Ify! I’m feeling inspired to write just in the five minutes it took me to read this.

    And I so much agree that sometimes a movie can help recharge our writer brains. I haven’t watched one in a while, and part of me feels like I need to to kickstart my creativity again.

    I hope you get to fit in some writing during your travelling! ❤

    • Watch a movie when you have the time, or do something that helps you get creative. Most times, I don’t do any of these things as I would love to because I feel I’m wasting time and don’t deserve the recharge anyway. But they help. I hope you get back to your writing groove soon! ❤

      And thank you!

  7. Amy McNulty says:

    Great work! 🙂 Considering you’ve really thought this book through and have reworked it, I don’t think you’re going at a bad pace at all!

    I feel you with the anxiety issues. It can really put a damper on any productivity. *sigh* Hope you’re feeling better for now!

    Have a nice time traveling! 🙂

    • I’ve been listening to some messages online as therapy too, that and Netflix-bingeing. But I feel better, thank you. I hope you feel better too ❤

      Thanks! I'll take some pictures too 🙂

  8. It’s easy to get lost in all the writing articles out there! You’re absolutely right that time is on our side. I’m trying to remember that. Congratulations on all the progress, and have fun travelling next month! 🙂

  9. krystal jane says:

    OMG, I was talking about how watching a movie helped me with my story, too! ^_^ And I also binge out on Netflix sometimes when I’m down. It helps. 🙂 So yeah, definitely don’t worry about the rules. You’re right, when we just focus on the story and do what we need to do for it, everything else falls into place. ^_^

    I really like the interactions you have between Pladdia and Niteo. Always. ❤
    Good luck next month! Have fun and just keep working on this bit by bit. You'll look up one day and it will be done and shiny and fabulous. ^_^

    • Thank you! ❤ I needed to hear about looking up one day and seeing the finished shiny. Guess I've just resigned myself to the fate I won't complete it in June, and probably not in July. But finishing it sometime this year would be nice…

  10. Great progress! And an intriguing excerpt as always! I’m looking forward to reading this one day in its entirety 🙂

    Happy travels next month and good luck with all the words!

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