WIPMarathon Check-In #4


December 28, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

Last Word Count + Chapter Count:

14 552 words and beginning of chapter seven.


Current WC + CC (or SC):

19 539 words and beginning of chapter nine. At this rate, my WIP taunts me I won’t finish this draft by the end of January, which was my original WIPMarathon goal.  


WIP Issues this week:

I worried about world building issues. It’s a bit silly but I spent five hours on Boxing Day checking out the difference between cornices and brackets and friezes and flutes and the like.
I’m also dealing with info-dump issues. Still trying to learn it’s okay not to tell the reader how everything works up front no matter how excited I am about my magic system or something. Some things work better when delayed. Some don’t.


What I learnt this week in writing: .

It takes a long time to be perfect or even close to it.  Delivery is hard. But I also learned I love my WIP so much. In spite of every trouble it’s given me, I still don’t see myself giving up on it. I’d only strive to be better.


What distracted me this week while writing: 

I re-read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (I’m doing a rather slow HP marathon) and started reading A Girl of Fire And Thorns. Plus we had tropical storms since Christmas Eve until yesterday that got me upset because of the inconveniences they caused.


Last 200 words:
Okay, this is really without context and my brain is fried at this point to edit anything, but here is a non-spoilery 200 words from chapter eight.

“Why, yes. Real daughter of her mother, isn’t she, Torvus?” the shorter Vedette asked the taller one. “Curious as a grimalkin.”

“So why is it called the Seat of the Eight and they are nine spinning up there?”

“One of them was suspended, long before you were born. But excuse me, I think I dropped some money on the floor of that Byruss and it must have sucked it in! Criminal! Must find it! And arrest it!” Saying that, the shorter Vedette ambled away.

Torvus grinned. “I’m not sure he lost his money.”

The stairs seemed unending. Pladdia was sure they were on their fiftieth one. Or the seventieth.

“Why not?”

“Amicus has always been scared of entering here, you see. His twin brother was accused about two centuries ago and sentenced to life as a Byruss at this very place. He killed himself eventually. But Amicus swears he’s seen flashes of him in a few places. He’s half-mad, that Amicus, but a good Vedette. And best friend.”

Pladdia didn’t know why Torvus had just told her that, but if he was trying to make her comfortable, it was a big fail.


Looking forward to reading what everyone was up to this week! (if Christmas allowed us, that is) 😀


12 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Check-In #4

  1. Ditto all of the above! Okay, that’s a lazy comment, but everything I want to say has already been said. Oh, I set my MS completion for June 30th–you should set yours for the same and then our little DoTs could be all grown up at the same time. 🙂

    • Of course, Jodi! 😀
      June 30 is still my finish date, but I was thinking if I got done with my second draft early, I could send it to CPs, who might take a while to read it…and then I’d have to revise it again, and probably have someone else read through it before June 30. So sigh. But can’t force this story, I guess…

  2. Another infodumper, right here *raises hand* I do think it’s easier, when a draft is complete, to go back and see where things are spelled out and where more detail could fit in, so don’t be too hard on yourself! You’re doing AWESOME — all those words plus reading HP and starting on another book! I’m inspired by your productive week. Love the dialogue in the excerpt! 🙂

  3. Yael Itamar says:

    Girl of Fire and Thorns — good choice.

  4. I have the same info dump issues. It’s so hard to know when to keep stuff from the reader and when to give them what they want/need. It’s a weird balance to find. And researching is totally fine! It helps your story, even if it sucks you into research-holes for hours and hours and hours and hours and…. 😉

  5. amandashayne says:

    Even if you don’t finish your draft, look at how much you’ve already got finished! I, too, am struggling with determining which “things work better when delayed,” and which don’t, in terms of info-dumping. It’s so easy to do it without even realizing it.

    It’s such a great feeling to realize all over again how much you love your WIP. I’m so happy for you! We writers live for that feeling. 🙂

    I love love love the vocabulary in your excerpt. Your story world feels so rich just from the bits I’ve read and I can’t wait to get the whole picture!!

  6. krystal jane says:

    I totally understand the urge to infodump. I get excited and just want to dump everything on the reader at once. 🙂 You’re right though. Most times it is better to trickle that information in as it’s needed or makes the most sense.

    I get sucked into research holes from time to time, too. It’s amazing how long it takes to find the right information sometimes. You’re making pretty good progress though. You can still make your goal. January could be full of awesomefied writing sessions. ^_^

    I really like this last sentence in your excerpt. 😀

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