WIPMarathon Check-In #2


December 14, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

Last Word Count + Chapter Count:

6262 words


Current WC + CC (or SC):

6434 words. I know, it seems like I didn’t do anything. But I did, I promise. I’ll explain.    


WIP Issues this week:

Sooo many. My plot to start with. The threads were not tied up properly…and my fingers were so reluctant to type forward. So I brainstormed for most of the week, and luckily, the muse struck!


What I learnt this week in writing: 

Brainstorming helps. Although it might take time. Also, you have to trust your gut with your writing. If you feel something is missing with your plot, something definitely is. You might need to take a step back and think it through.


What distracted me this week while writing: 

Preparing for an appointment in Barbados next week, so most of this week was spent either studying or trying to make sure I have everything I need.


Last 200 words:

I’m still in chapter three, so haven’t really moved so forward from the last scene I wrote last week (if my word count difference is any indication) but I did write at least 1500 more words this week. I deleted a scene and replaced it with one I prefer.

Here’s an excerpt from the words I wrote this week but not the last 200. It’s a few paragraphs close to it though.


She lifted her head to soak in the familiar mist of it, but her baldness met nothing.

Again, she tried.

It wasn’t there.

She stilled her palpitating heart. It would come. It must be where she’d hidden it.

That was the problem with magic. Every spell came with its own complications, sometimes with its own life.


How did everyone do this week? (Better than me, I hope) 😉
Can’t wait to read all about it!


14 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Check-In #2

  1. Sarah L Fox says:

    Sometimes you really do have to take time out for brainstorming. If I don’t do that, I just end up with a confused mess. I’m glad you got some things figured out! Good luck with your progress this week! 🙂

  2. Jayme says:

    Haha, I feel your pain! Editing and brainstorming always feel like such a “waste” because there’s not a word count to attach to it, but sometimes that step back is just what the doctor ordered. I’m glad your muse struck! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jayme! Sometimes though, it feels like I’ll be stuck on editing/brainstorming and never move forward 😦

      • Jayme says:

        That’s when you know you’re getting close! When you can’t stand to look at your ms a second longer (like you’d rather listen to your least favorite song on repeat for ten hours than look at it again) you’ll know you’re there! 😉

  3. amandashayne says:

    I’m so so glad to hear your brainstorming paid off! I’ve been walking around in an amazing brainstorming daze the past few days (thanks to you!) and am loving every minute of it. Hope you enjoy the time in Barbados.

    I love that I know exactly what’s happening in the excerpt you shared! (One of the two inciting incidents?) And I absolutely love that last line:

    That was the problem with magic. Every spell came with its own complications, sometimes with its own life.

    So chilling! ❤

    • Glad that the brainstorming force is with you! Because I can’t wait to set my eyes on DD 😀

      I’m spending only one day/night in Barbados but I’ll try to make the best of it.

      I’m actually tinkering with the idea of moving the excerpt to another scene but not yet sure where it would work better. *Some more brainstorming required*…it’s not one of the two inciting incidents, because it is not to my MC. Not at the moment. I think it is more of a random incident with dire complications later on!

      Much love <3333!

  4. Brainstorming is a great way to solve plot issues -sometimes you can’t move forward without stepping back. Good luck with it! 😀

  5. Nice excerpt – definitely makes me want to know more!

    You’re going to Barbados? I’m so jealous! Enjoy and happy writing!

  6. krystal jane says:

    Brainstorming is awesome! And what’s more awesome is that you know when something is missing, because not everyone can do that. So you get major kudos for that. You have to listen to yourself. It’s the only way to write anything truly amazing. ^_^

    Oh my gosh! I love the imagery in that first sentence. 🙂 This is really interesting. 😀

    • Thanks so much!

      In my First Real Novel, I wrote linearly and just didn’t ask questions, so the logic was flawed in some places. But with this MS, I ask myself every possible question. Guess that’s the trick to finding out if something is missing from your plot!

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