Joining The Nano Train


November 2, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

Decided to give Nanowrimo a try since I’d be writing anyway in November. I doubt I’ll make 50K but I’ve been stressed up of late (dealing with changes, future plans and all) and writing has become my way out.

So I might as well record my progress with Nanowrimo as I go.

It won’t probably be a long progress as I have exams on the 24th, but at least I’ll be used to the writing flow and continue with the December WIPMarathon. I’ve let my writing slack these past few weeks.
If you’re Nanoing too, add me as a buddy here?

Culled from Google Images c/o of It's pretty, isn't it?

Culled from Google Images c/o
It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Good luck to us 


12 thoughts on “Joining The Nano Train

  1. There’s a December WIPMarathon? Where have I been? (Or is that your invention?)

  2. I’m a nanorebel too! I’m aiming for 30K and writing nonfiction. Good luck Nanoing! I know I can’t wait to have a nice messy manuscript to edit for WIPMarathon.

  3. Good for you Ifeoma! I wanted to participate in Nano this year, but I’m too wrapped up in my current WIP to start fresh. Are you going to work on TSoTT for your Nano project? I’m thinking it wouldn’t put you in “rebel” status since you’re basically starting your novel from scratch, right?

    • I was about 2k in before the start of Nano and now I’m almost at 4k so guess yes it does put me in the Rebel status. Almost there! 🙂
      I’m not shooting for 50K though, just trying to form a habit of studying and writing because studying would be a part of my life for a long time, I believe.

      And P.S Jodi, I’ll get back to you before Wednesday! ❤

    • And you can be a Nanorebel too, Jodi! I mean, I’m not really sure I know what it is…but it’s for writers who aren’t following the rules, right? 😀

      • Hee hee…I think Nanorebels still aim for 50k, but are considered ‘rebels’ because their project started before Nanowrimo. But I can’t add more than 25k words to DoT (25k puts her at 100k), so that’s why I decided not to play this year.

        P.S. Take your time on getting back!

  4. krystal jane says:

    All right!! 😀 Welcome abroad! I don’t know how much I’ll get done either, but whatever is left I’ll finish in December. ^_^

    Good luck! I hope you makes lots if progress. 🙂

    • Thanks for the add, Krystal! Same here. I’m not rushing since there’s still December (and even January)…and it’s my second draft at that. Needs to be handled with care.

      Good luck to you too! See you around 😀

  5. sknicholls says:

    I didn’t muster up the courage to commit this year, but admire those who did 🙂

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