WIPMarathon Complete: End of First Draft And Other Lessons


September 13, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

Final wordcount! (at the moment)

Final wordcount! (at the moment)

I finished my first draft early Wednesday morning, after SIX weeks of slogging through it!


And it’s a big deal for me because it’s the SECOND manuscript I’m writing all the way to the end (I mean, the ones I completed as a child don’t count, do they?) and the LONGEST. My first was 85K words and this is almost a 92K. Meaning I outdid myself, and all the monsters that wouldn’t let me be.

It took a long time in coming, I was expecting to be done by last week tops but life got in the way.

Life in the form of my best friend leaving, and we’d quarreled at a point and after we made up, tried to make the best of the time left.

And this made me think of death and why we should show our families and good friends how much they mean to us.  Every single day.

Anyway, this is not a post about death or goodbyes but about endings.


I had a hard time deciding if my ending was more difficult than the beginning- but after much self-searching, I decided writing the beginning was tougher.

But my ending was tough to write all the same.

Because it came with a few tough responsibilities hereunder:


1. The responsibility of foreshadowing.

I had to go back to foreshadow all the things, so the ending doesn’t make my (future) readers shake their heads at the oh-the-ridiculousness.


2. The responsibility of worldbuilding.

The ending questioned my world building a great deal. While writing the ending, I came up with extra and particular weapons my characters could use, and also had to go back to reflect that all through the plot. My worldbuilding still needs some work, so I’m drafting out questions that must be answered. My readers don’t have to know everything, but I have to.

3. The responsibility of FINISHING.

At a point, I really hated my book and wanted to dump it all.

But I’m glad I slugged through the craziness that was life and finished.

4: The responsibility of hardwork.

This is still ongoing, as I need to work on my worldbuilding more/proofread it at least once before even sending it out to CPs.

And more changes would still come during revisions after I get feedback from my CPs and have gone through DoT again myself.

So now, I’ll sit back, catch up on the two beautiful manuscripts I’m critiquing and eat a bit of chocolate 😉


16 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Complete: End of First Draft And Other Lessons

  1. Farah W. says:

    CONGRATS, IFEOMA! You did it! Your word count is actually awesomesauce!

    I agree with the foreshadowing bit, love it when authors drop sly clues that don’t make any sense till you reach the end and do a double take then flip to the beginning and go like, “Oh yeaah!!”

    Good luck with the rewrite!! And thanks for the #Wipmarathon

    WE need another one soon.

    • Thank you, Farah!! Oooo I love when authors do that too! I envy that and would love to create an oh-wow book whenever I’m done with this sucker.
      We could do another one in December 🙂

  2. amandashayne says:

    Congrats again, Ifeoma! I am SO glad you “slugged through” and got past the point of hating your book and wanting to dump it. I think we all know the feeling.

    I love what you said about needing to foreshadow so that your readers don’t “shake their heads at the oh-the-ridiculousness.” I need to do that, too, and the “oh-the-ridiculousness” made me laugh. 🙂

  3. Amy McNulty says:

    Congrats! Ah, world building… It can get tough. I don’t want to tell my reader EVERYTHING, but it sometimes seems like they need/want to know more than I intended to share!

  4. Woo! Way to finish it up! Endings can be tough, but you powered through.

  5. WOW. *Doing a happy dance* Congratulations on finishing your DoT! You are such an efficient writer Iffy. I haven’t accomplished a thing this week, other than some revising of previous chapters. I think I’m spending way too much time editing/revising, when I need to concentrate more on moving the story forward. That is so amazing–how much you were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. You must feel overjoyed! I know I would. Or WILL–someday, when mine’s finished too. Way to go–you rocked it! Now go enjoy your chocolate. 😀

    • Thanks, Jodi!

      BUT I just realized I have to rewrite the middle 😦 And now I’ve started school, guess that means it’d take me a lot longer to even finish that.

      So I kind of tossed my celebratory chocolate aside.

      I think it’s good revising as you go! Whatever works for you. The most important thing, I think, is that you love the words you’ve written.

      Keep plugging away!

  6. Sarah L Fox says:

    Congrats again on finishing your first draft!!!

  7. krystal jane says:

    Yes, chocolate!
    Congratulations!! Getting to the end is so great. 😀 It’s definitely harder for me to start, but I used to have the most atrocious endings. Like, abrupt, right after the climax, just fall over and die bad. I’m always relieved when I can end something and it makes sense and is satisfying. And I can look back and see the bow on top.
    Good luck with editing! Editing it fun. Lol! Once I get going I’m good. It’s so hard to get in a good rhythm of cutting and adding stuff. ^_^

    • My first manuscript’s ending too was a bit rushed, and tied all the things together at the climax. I think the key to a satisfying ending is to release the truth in bits, so it doesn’t feel all rushed.
      And I’m sooo afraid of editing. What I’m planning to do is to make notes now on everything I have to look out for, and tick them off one by one

  8. Spike Cordiner says:

    Endings: There’s a big scene at the end of my WIP (naturally). When I worked out how it was going to go I was so pleased I started giggling to myself right there in the shopping mall. Then I got so distracted plotting it out in my head that I walked into a pillar! The reason I was so pleased was that I realised I’d already set up all the pieces without noticing that I was doing so. Funny how these things work out sometimes…

    • Very! Something similar happened to me too, but in a different kind of way. Toward the ending, there was a plot point I wrote that required foreshadowing. But when I got back to the particular earlier scene to foreshadow it, I found out I already did!
      Funny the things we could forget in the heat of writing…

      And btw, I’m getting to the ending of A and can’t wait to see how it all ties together! 😉

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