WIPMarathon Check-In #1


August 10, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

Last Word count + Chapter Count: 0 words

Current Word Count:  18 400 words.
And just entered my 7th chapter tonight, which should mark the end of my WIP’s Part 1, hopefully.


WIP Issues This Week:

I grappled with my first chapter a lot. But I figured out what the problem was and wrote about it here.

Other than that, the other current issue I’m facing is finding the balance between little and too much world building.


What I Learnt This Week In Writing:

So much! Ummhhh…let me think of the one that stuck in my mind the most.

I read a Secret Agent’s comment on one of the current Miss Snark’s contest entries where the agent advised the writer to reveal things slowly in a fantasy world.

For example, if you were writing a story about Shadowhunters, you shouldn’t start your first page by explaining what Shadowhunters do.

It’d be nice to start with them doing normal things and then surprising the reader by revealing who they are…preferably, by actions. And not direct exposition.


What distracted me this week while writing:

Hanging out with my classmates and friends distracted me for a while, but I’ve been pretty much indoors for a few days now.

Also, life. But WIPMarathon has really been helpful and motivates me on days when I don’t feel like writing. So thanks, ladies!


How did your first WIPMarathon week go? Share with us 🙂
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43 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Check-In #1

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  4. lauracrampton says:

    That first chapter can always be a struggle. I agonize for hours over it before I even write the first word. But congrats on working through it and the great word count you’ve achieved! I really enjoyed your excerpt, cant wait to read more.

  5. RaeChell says:

    I can’t believe how much you wrote in one week. Maybe you’ll rub off on me. Good luck next week!

  6. AWESOME! 29 links, btw!? SO GREAT! You are the hostess with the mostess! Keep powering through!

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  8. I know exactly what you mean about the world-building – it’s harder than it looks! Congrats on your great progress! 🙂

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  10. Jayme says:

    18,400 in a week?! You go, girl! 😀

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  12. Jo Goodson (@JoJoGoodson) says:

    Your comments on world building make me wish I’d chosen my fantasy novel idea rather than my contemporary WIP! Maybe next time. Keep on building!

  13. Oh! I loved your excerpt! I hope I get to read this one day!!!

  14. Cat York says:

    Awesome numbers Ifeoma! You’re in the zone. 😉 Keep working through those sticky parts. I feel like you’re going to finish your first draft this month. *o* !!!

  15. I loved your excerpt and wanted to keep reading to learn more about the characters! I got a fun steampunk vibe from the ‘gates of steam’ bit. Hope you have a great weekend, and wishing you another productive week ahead!!

  16. Even with the distractions you still got in those words. Also, I like your last two hundred. Even though it’s a random point in your WIP, I still want to know what’s happening.

  17. 18 400 words! Wow! Someone’s been busy!

    World building is just one of those things… but I agree with revealing things slowly. Good luck!

  18. 18,400! That’s amazing!

  19. Jayd says:

    You’re doing great! keep it up 🙂

  20. Laurie says:

    You’ve been super productive and that’s awesome! Love the except! I want to know what’s going on in the scene. It sounds so exciting! Well done and keep it up! 😀

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  22. amandashayne says:

    Congrats on your awesome progress this past week! And thanks for sharing what you learned about revealing things slowly in a fantasy world. It’s a good reminder to take it easy on the readers! 🙂 Love your excerpt, too!

  23. krystal jane says:

    Wow! You rocked it this week!
    I totally agree about the world building. I much rather find out as I go. It’s way too overwhelming to learn everything up front. I find myself wanting to do that something because I get excited, but thankfully I usually pick up on it because it gets too out of hand.

    Congratulations on your progress!

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