#WipMarathon Intro!


July 31, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

Superstoked this writing marathon will actually be a thing!! Thank you to all the awesome writers that are participating and making this happen! Because seriously, what fun is it to run any marathon alone? It’s doing it with other people that pumps up that adrenaline and makes you more determined to get to the finish line. So thank you everyone!

And if you want to join us/find us, click here!

Here we go…


Marathon Goal:

Fantastically, 90K (because last Christmas, I finished my first novel in 4 weeks)… but realistically, 60K would be an achievement for me this time around. Because I know I won’t be a hermit this month… So 60K it is.

My current WC... although I started a "re-rewriting" yesterday and have not crossed the 1k mark...

My current WC… although I started a “re-rewriting” yesterday and have not crossed the 1k mark…

Stage of writing:

First draft of my YA high fantasy. It’s abbreviated DoT for now because I’m hoping for a better word/phrase to jump out of the pages while I’m writing it!

What Inspired My Current Project:

The characters in DoT actually came to me first before the plot. And it’s a slightly weird inspiration.

Last February, I was missing a best friend who had to defer semesters because her mom had terminal cancer 😦 and in the way thoughts work, I remembered her telling me I shouldn’t have dated my ex. She’d given me a particular reason, and that reason was what ended up ringing a bell in my head six months later. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A PATHOLOGY LECTURE.

I started thinking- what if I wrote a story about two star-crossed teenagers…but with a twist and police chase and intrigue? You know, all the thriller-ish things.

That was how DoT came to be born.

I’ve been outlining it since then (two-notebooks worth of outline) and even though I’d reached 15k on it in May, I’m starting a complete rewrite this August!

And no, I’m not writing a cathartic book. The characters grew into something else and are totally different from the ex and me. The fantasy world is bigger too and the idea in itself is so big now compared to what inspired it!

What Might Slow Down My Marathon Goal:

Like I said earlier, I’m not going to be a hermit this month like I was while writing my first MS. My classmates and I are splitting campuses as from September to prepare for the USMLE step 1. And even when we start rotations, there’s a high likelihood we’d all be in different places…and some of us might never see each other again (but I hope we do!) so there are a lot of fun activities we’ve got lined up for this month.
Looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts!


27 thoughts on “#WipMarathon Intro!

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  2. Jayd says:

    Hey! I would love to join in, if it isn’t too late. I’ll post my introduction tomorrow.

  3. Eliza West says:

    I love star-crossed lovers. Really excited to join the group. Good luck meeting your goal!

  4. Eliza West says:

    I just love star-crossed teenagers. Good luck meeting your goal!

  5. Good luck! And thanks so much for organizing this shindig! ❤

  6. RaeChell says:

    Isn’t it funny how your train of thought works. An idea just gets bigger and bigger. That’s one of the reasons I’m a pantster. I love that feeling. Anyway, thanks for organizing this. I have a great feeling about it!

  7. Yay for high fantasy! 🙂 Thanks for organising this event – I love the idea of a bunch of us supporting each other on our goals (this already happens on Twitter, but this is even better!). 60-90K though…wow. I wish I could write that fast! 😛

    • So far, you’re doing better than me on the marathon haha.

      I hope to put a big dent on this first draft by the end of the marathon, though! Thanks for joining us 🙂

  8. lauracrampton says:

    Wow 90K, now that is an amazing goal! Good luck with it 😀 I applaud you for taking on high fantasy, I’ve tried writing it before and my word building skills leave a lot to be desired LOL.

    • It’s pretty hard for me too and I find myself agonising over every detail, and questioning every logic.

      But hope I whip it into shape before the end of the marathon.

      Thanks,Laura and good luck with yours!

  9. Nikki Diehm says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for organizing all of this! As of now I see 24 people in–which is AWESOME. Good luck in your 60/90k goal…YOU CAN DO IT!

  10. Laurie says:

    Good luck to you! I agree with Amanda: 60k or 90k; they’re both incredibly impressive goals! Your idea sounds great and I can’t wait to hear more! Thanks again for making this happen! I feel more pumped up about writing than I have in months. 🙂

  11. amandashayne says:

    60k or 90k–either one would be a crazy-cool accomplishment! I have to thank you again. I’ve been re-writing/organizing/typing/fleshing out my outline all day. Seriously, all day, nearly 8 hours. I didn’t even get on the Internet all day, and it was because I was so driven to get it finished before tomorrow. (I didn’t finish, but I got sooo much done thanks to this marathon!) So THANK YOU again!

    I know what you mean about your idea being so much bigger than what inspired it. It’s amazing how that happens, isn’t it? One minute you’re thinking, How will I ever make a story out of this idea? And then before you know it, you’ve created this giant, uncontrollable magic. I’ve never done any high fantasy, but I can imagine the world building gets unbelievable!

    Best of luck balancing your writing goal with living a non-hermit lifestyle next month. 😀

    • The non-hermit lifestyle is really a dampener for my goals, to be honest but I have to “participate”.

      And you’re working through your outlines like a storm, Amanda! Fire on!

  12. Wow, best of writing goodness sent your way!

  13. […] More about the WIPMarathon here! […]

  14. Roselle Kaes says:

    I think it’s amazing you’re doing a High Fantasy! I don’t have the guts yet to commit to paper the one I have outlined. I think I need to be a better writer to write it.

  15. Best of luck!!!!! 😀 Like I said, I can’t actually commit to this unfortunately (we all have our limits), but I hope I can jump in and out of these posts!

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