Hello August Writing Marathon!


July 29, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

So yesterday on Twitter, some  awesome writers agreed to join me in the August Marathon…yay!! Super excited this dream is about to come true…we’re about to embark on a very productive marathon!!

So far, there are eight of us-

Cat, Deborah, Jessi, Laura, Nikki, Raechell and Steph (plus me!)…although Amanda said she’d love to join when she’s done with her outlines.

UPDATE Aug 10: Amy McNulty, Amy Trueblood, Beth, Christie, Connie, Eliza, Emma, Farah, Jayd, Jennifer, Jessica, Jo, Karen, Kelli, K.K Hendin, Kristy, Krystal, Laurie, Lauren, Leslie, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lori, Megan, Mikaila, Natalie, Poppy, Rene, Rory, Roselle, Sara, Sarah, Sarita, Stacey, Suzanne, Tabitha, T.A Brock, Talynn and Tawney ARE joining us too! Yayyy! And yes, Amanda‘s done with her outlines so she’s joining us. Double yay!!

I recommend we follow each other on Twitter because we’d be writing besties henceforth! 😉

If you’re reading this and you want to join us, you’re free!! All you need to do is…join! lol

And whether you’re drafting or revising, this marathon would work for you…

Here’s the plan.

1. Using #wipmarathon  on Twitter:

–          What we can use the hashtag for:

  • Announce your proposed goal for the day everyday on Twitter
  •  Update daily word count/scene count/chapter count before going to bed
  •  Find out who’s writing at the same time with you.
  •  Talk about anything that’s bugging you while writing…anything!

We’d inspire each other on our weak writing days, that’s the most important thing.

2. A weekly Check-In every Saturday (because the last day of August falls on a Saturday too):

I’d put up a linky tool here every Saturday morning EST so you can link back to your posts, and everyone else will check out each other’s posts and offer encouraging words. Since we’re not that much, I don’t think it’d be a daunting task.

Here’s the format of our weekly check-ins, just so we can keep things organised.

Blog Post Title: WIPMarathon Check -In #1 (or the succeeding number)

Last Check-in Wordcount + ChapterCount (+ scene count if you’re revising):

Current WC + CC (or SC):

WIP Issues this week: And how you fixed them, if you did. If you didn’t, we can help you solve it!

What I learnt this week in writing: Anything new you learnt from a book on writing, or a blog article that helped you improve your writing. Even if there’s nothing new you learnt, share one writing tip with us!

What distracted me this week while writing: Any fun or not-so-fun thing that happened, or that you did. Just share!

Last 200 words: This means the last 200 words you typed before writing your update! This is optional, but I think it’d be fun! And it help us to close our scenes/ chapters on a tense note.

N.B: It’s not compulsory you do the check-in posts, you’re free to only use the #wipmarathon hashtag on Twitter but it’d be nice if you do both so we can get a more detailed feedback from each other every week.


We’ll have to do our first check-in BEFORE the FIRST of August! It’d be a sort of introduction and I have a linky text tool here so we can all link back. It’d be closing July 31!

This is going to be the format for the introduction:

Blog Post Title: WIPMarathon Intro

Marathon Goal: You’re free to ramble here. Tell us what you want to achieve. A novel in a month? 5K? You can do it 🙂

Stage of writing: Writing your first draft or the tenth? Revising? Do tell.

What inspired my current project: Share with us! And the genre too.

What might slow down my marathon goal:  Maybe if you write it down, you can conquer it?? Hehe

That’s all!

Complicated, no?

Fun, yes?

Let me know if you have any suggestions to add!

Apparently, you have to click on the linky tool below to link back to your own introductory post before the first of August. It’s going to open on another page (because my blog is not self-hosted). But that’s still cool!

On the first of August, we’ll check out everyone’s goals AND get to business.

So bring it on, August! Let’s DO THIS. Because I know we can.

78 thoughts on “Hello August Writing Marathon!

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    • Joan Kelley says:

      I would love to participate in something like this down the road, but I’m new to twittering and wonder what you’d recommend for getting up to speed in this medium? is there a “Twitter for Dummies” maybe?

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  39. Beth Bowland says:

    Hello All, I’m joining a little late 🙂 Thanks for the kick in the pants! I needed it!

  40. Eliza West says:

    Is it too late to join? I had to quickly knock together a blog. : )

  41. […] And if you want to join us/find us, click here! […]

  42. krystal jane says:

    I’d love to join if I can. What do I need to do first?

    • Just race with us on twitter using the hashtag #wipmarathon! @AmandaShayne created a Twitter list so you can tweet at her to add you to it! You can also put up an intro post as well, although the linky is closed… but we’d be having check-ins every Saturday in August starting from the 10th!

  43. KK Hendin says:

    I’d love to join! Can’t put up an intro post before tomorrow though…

  44. Angi Black says:

    Add me to the list, please!!! Twitter is @anginicole722 yay!

  45. Kelli K says:

    I would love to join! I need to finish my WIP! I am at 20k words and six chapters, YA Contemporary Fantasy… This is great, perfect idea to pound out this manuscript!

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  52. Ifeoma! I’m offline for like, three days, only to come back and discover you’re starting a marathon. That is awesome! You know I wish I could join you girls. Unfortunately I start my Wrangling Seventh-Graders Marathon next week (much less prestigious, and strangely never trending on twitter, haha). But I still plan to be inspired by your progress, so go get ’em!

    • Oh Jodi I almost missed this comment thinking it was a ping back!
      I’m actually inspired by YOUR progress and hope I get to hit a solid 50K this month! Because DoT buddies strive to be like each other 😉

      And good luck with your Seventh-Graders marathon! I’m sure it trends somewhere in real life 😉

      • Crossing my fingers that you hit that 50K mark soon! You’ll have to send me a tweet when our word counts match so I can do a celebratory dance (it’ll make other people in the room super-uncomfortable, but it’ll be worth it).

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  55. Yay! I totally want to join in. I’ll put up a post later. I really reeeeeeally want to get at least 20K on my WIP (Wasteland). This looks like it’s gonna be fun!

  56. Hiya! I’ve just stumbled upon this from Amanda’s retweet of it. I really want to join you guys. I’m Christie, living in England at the moment (although I’m American). Thanks for doing this!

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  58. Laurie says:

    Ooh, I want to do this! I’ve just reached my goal for July’s Camp NaNoWriMo and I need something to keep me moving forward! You all seem lovely! I should do it, right? 😀

  59. lauracrampton says:

    This is going to be awesome!

  60. […] The wonderful Ifeoma came up with the genious idea of having an August writing marathon and I decided to join in. The whole idea is to set yourself a writing goal and work towards it throughout August. If you’d like more detail about this wonderful idea and would like to join us crazy writers then head over here. […]

  61. Jayme says:

    Oh, this sounds fun! I’ll definitely be lurking around #wipmarathon. If I get really brave, I might even join in! 🙂

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