The Little Victories


July 10, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

Eeeee!! I won the Most Creative entry of a short story contest held last week. You can read about the contest here, and find the results here.

Yes, I know it’s a 100-word contest and I know I didn’t win the main prize but guys, it’s my FIRST TIME WINNING ANYTHING.


And that’s a pretty huge, big deal. Yes, it’s a monumental event that deserves redundancy and caps and big-sounding adjectives. Whatever 🙂

Not that I’ve entered a lot of contests before.
But I took part in another 100-word contest on the same blog (it’s Suzie Townsend’s) about two weeks back and I also entered for another 100-word contest on Janet Reid’s about a month back. So that makes it three.

Yes, I have a thing for short-story contests, trying to make up a 100-word contest from an image or a few words gives me a peculiar kind of adrenalin rush!

And imagine opening my email and actually seeing my name mentioned. *Squeeee*

Hey girl, it’s just a short story contest…

See that? 😀

You know,  it’s making me believe the idea I have for my YA high fantasy (DoT) might also be a creative one… because you can feel these things in the guts. Now all I need do is work on the technical aspects of the idea- which is err…everything from world building to the writing itself.

I’ll take my time.

Yes, this is an itsy-bitsy victory, but sometimes in our mad frenzy to achieve our big dreams, it’s easy to overlook the little milestones we have achieved. So I’m taking a pause to clink glasses and toast to the future 🙂

There’s another short story contest going on until the 13th on Suzie’s blog. Read about it here.


5 thoughts on “The Little Victories

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  2. Kristy Shen says:

    Congrats! I read your entry and I absolutely adore your voice. Fabulous job!

  3. Congrats Ifeoma! I would totally be doing a ridiculous happy dance too (and then looking around to make sure no one was watching). I just read your entry and it was so cute and clever. I thought it was more entertaining than the grand-prize winner’s, but shhhh, don’t tell. These contests look like so much fun and I’m thinking about whipping something up for the next contest. I do this exact activity with my 7th graders where I put five random words up on the board, like “cantaloupe” and “zipper,” and they have to create a short story. I still remember one time one of my kids wrote a story about a “herd of cantaloupes.” Poor guy was confusing the word with antelope! We were in hysterics, picturing a herd of large breakfast fruit charging across the plains of Africa.

    Sorry, that was completely off-topic (it’s late and I’m rambly)…moral of the story: congrats on your [not so] little victory!

    • Haha and I can’t help picturing long horns on the fruit herd charging across Africa 😀

      Thank you so much, Jodi ❤ and yes, you should try it! They're so fun!!

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