Crafting Interesting Beginnings

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June 25, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

I live on an island where there are only a few bookshops, and most books on display are the ones that have sold a million copies. Which means the chances that I’d find a good book by an upcoming author in a bookshop is  close to nil. This also means if I want a book, I have to order it through one of the bookshops because it’s cheaper than ordering it myself (reduces the cost of shipping and custom duties). For me to order a book, disturb a particular bookshop to get it for me and possibly wait a month or two for it- I have to love it. I have to love what I see in the excerpt, which is usually the first chapter.

So what makes the beginning of a book interesting for me? Or rather, what makes the beginning of a book uninteresting for me?

Hop over to this post at The Inbetweeners to find out my thoughts !! 😉


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