When Being Good Is Not Just Good Enough


June 19, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

I told someone a few weeks back that failure motivates me and they were like, “Gah, I hate failing. It’s annoying.”

It is.  Especially if you’ve worked hard.

Today, we had a quiz on pharmacology (we usually have weekly quizzes) and more than half of the questions were on a topic I didn’t read.

Why didn’t I read it?

Because I didn’t know we had to read it. My lecturer taught us the topic two days ago and concluded yesterday and I’d overheard him in class saying we should read only the topics we treated last week. And that this week’s topics would be quizzed on next week.

Yes, I could have read that topic (afterall I don’t need to have a quiz before reading, right?) but thing is we also have another quiz coming up tomorrow on a different and bulky course and I needed to read that too.

There was no time to start reading topics I thought would be quizzed on next week.

I got a few questions out of the topic right, based on what I understood during his classes but it still wasn’t enough.

Because in my class it’s not enough to be just good, to get 50% or even 69%. You have to be excellent.

But it’s OK.

I told the lecturer after classes and he said I overheard wrong but there was one thing he said that stuck with me.

“Don’t worry, you’d be fine. Failing now is going to help you later. You’d see.”

I hope it does. I know it will.

In a class where one-fourth of the class are struggling for the top 3, any little mistake doesn’t help my case but I hope it helps me in the long run to pass my Step exams.

The pit of my stomach still feels hollow but there are three more quizzes coming up before the next exams, and I hope to make up with them.

Sometimes, you just have to stay motivated AND never give up…even if your chances seem to be slipping away.


5 thoughts on “When Being Good Is Not Just Good Enough

  1. […] thank you Jodi for giving me amazing words of encouragement the last time I posted about this on this blog. I remember your words all the […]

  2. Oooooh >_< something similar happened to me when I was at university. Except the lecturer didn't cover a section until AFTER the test. That particular question counted 40% of the whole test.

    It made me so angry that I left the course. But then, I already hated it all by then.

    • That was terrible…setting questions on uncovered topics.

      I’m stuck with this course though because it’s a core course, so hoping I’ll make the best out of it.

  3. One author told me a few years ago that he had enough rejection slips to wallpaper his bathroom before he was finally published. That’s how failure works–you might fall down hundreds of times, but you pick yourself back up and keep trucking forward, because it only takes ONE stroke of ingenuity and/or luck to hit that mark.

    Stay encouraged and good luck on your quizzes!

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