Birthday Blues : Being Patient

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February 21, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

It’s one week to my birthday. I realized this when I went on Twitter this morning and saw one of my friends back in Nigeria getting birthday mentions. He’s one week older than me (although he’s one foot taller…yikes!) and that was what bonded us together in the first place. #TeamPisces 😀

Anyways, fast rewind to six years ago when I left high school, I had great expectations of the goals I must have achieved before turning 22. Goals like being a graduate, working, being independent of my parents (after all, lots of my peers who studied four-year courses became independent at 20).

And that’s not the only part of my sixteen-year-old dream that did not go as planned. I failed in a few relationships, and a sixteen-year-old dream of mine was to have one boyfriend who I’ll get married to. Happy ending. No need to kiss extraneous frogs first before finding my prince, right?

Not that I’m calling my exes frogs BUT… you get the idea.

It looks like the writer of my fairytale fancies a more original idea, so keeping my fingers crossed. For the best, I hope.

So back to the present.

Things are not actually bad. I wrote and finished my first novel-length manuscript last Christmas (although it might end up being shelved for now). But that was an achievement for me. I wanted to do something and I did it. I wrote an average of 5000 words most days, though quite a lot of those words got murdered the next day.

But it was good. I felt good. I was happy those reclusive days of last Christmas. I was happy working hard, pouring myself into something I loved.

And just a few days ago, I got another idea for a new book that seems a lot more original to me and has got me silently thanking the God of muses.


My soon-to-be 22-year-old self is still trying. Never giving up. Yay!! Go #TeamDauntless

Still learning. Yay #Erudite!

Still has dreams even bigger than the ones she had at sixteen. Yay! #PiscesTheDreamer!

And as for birthday resolutions, here goes…

  1. Read more, both medical books and good-written novels. Find time.
  2. Write. Improve.
  3. Be patient. With myself. With others. With God.

Everything good will come. And in good time.


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