Daring To Be Divergent

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February 14, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

Divergent (my own definition):  Trying to be two people at once.

Being divergent has never been easy, even in Veronica Roth’s book, DIVERGENT where the inspiration for this post comes from.

In reality, if I’m asked what faction I’d choose based on the five factions of the book DIVERGENT -the five factions being Amity (the Friendly), Abegnation (the Selfless), Candor (the Honest), Dauntless (the Brave) and Erudite (the Intelligent)-


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I’d go for both Erudite AND Dauntless.

I can’t be one without the other.

I’d love to be good in my classes, score high grades AND I’ll also love to be brave enough to go after my own dreams, like being a good writer.

But reality is not as easy as that, especially when the course you are offering in school is a tough one like mine.

And I’m not complaining because I love reading Medicine. Matter of fact, anytime my friends ask me why I’m in a Medical School instead of a Creative Writing School, I always tell them it’s because I’m thirsty for the knowledge of everything concerning the human health.

Just as I am thirsty to learn more about good writing and hone my skills.

So I am divergent, because I am not just cut out for one thing, but the tough thing about being divergent is it splits your focus. And that’s when it starts being dangerous.

Even in Veronica Roth’s book, if you fail your test on being divergent, you are left factionless.

In other words, you are left with nothing.

Same with real life.

So you have to work harder as a Divergent, and be adept at time management.

But I hope God makes everything work out alright… *angel smiley*


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