Revision Hell


January 30, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

“I’m exhausted. I spent all morning putting in a comma and all afternoon taking it out” ― Oscar Wilde.

I was under this assumption revisions were not going to be as tough as writing the first draft. Or the second draft. Multiple revisions should mean less work.

Turns out I was wrong.

Revisions are tougher, because you’re not only adding little elements to the plot you already have down but you’re also line-editing. Suddenly, it looks like your manuscript is the longest book on earth to read to the finish although when you were writing it, your fingers didn’t feel it was this long.

Examples of the (ridiculous) list of things I type on Google.

Use of since versus because

Use of who versus whom

Till versus until

In spite of versus despite

Which versus that

Lie versus lay

I’ve become such a grammar buff!

Oh and the funniest part of this round of revisions happened the other day.

I was editing and came across a line one of my betas highlighted and wrote in a sticky note- “pleonasm”.

For the first five seconds, I thought he meant “neoplasm” (because I got back from school that day and the topic of our Pathology class dwelt on neoplasms).

I looked up “pleonasm” on Google only to find out it meant redundancy…*smacked face*

I had a good laugh and told said beta about it.

Anyway, with all the hell it’s given me,  I’ve had fun doing my revisions. It’s great constantly improving, and learning new things (or in terms of my ludicrous list of Google searches, old things forgotten) 😉


2 thoughts on “Revision Hell

  1. Dasie says:

    If I typed out all the things I google while I’m writing, I’d be here all day! My problem is that I constantly edit while I’m writing 😛 So I end up doing a first, second, and third draft on my first chapter before I even know what’s coming next.


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