Murdering Your Darlings


January 10, 2013 by Ifeoma Dennis

So I finished my first draft a few days ago after three weeks of reclusion, but I’m writing my second draft now. I know it’s best to wait a few weeks (but that’d be for my third draft) and this second draft is a bit heartbreaking because I’ve murdered about eleven thousand of my darlings already 😦

Last night when I was working on it, I kept telling myself, “No, don’t hate your book.” Because this is what happens when you’ve already worked on some chapters about twenty-three times (while writing your first draft), and you’re almost sick of looking at them (and in some cases, in the second draft you realize some of the chapters/scenes you sweated for still have to go).

I’m not the kind of writer that writes straight to the end before editing. I keep editing along the way (I admit, it’s a slower process because it takes you back and forth).

I’ve not really gone into line edits yet for this second draft, I’m still murdering some old scenes and writing new ones.

School has started already, but a part of me knows I can’t concentrate on my books if I don’t finish this second draft at least.  It is only when I’m done with this that I can consider it worthy to be seen by some beta readers and hopefully, a few great critique partners before writing a third draft.

And I think it’s safe at this point to add a few New Year resolutions. It’s actually one.

  1. Quality over quantity

I don’t know if this makes sense or not.

And Happy New Year 🙂


2 thoughts on “Murdering Your Darlings

  1. Emeke says:

    that’s great putting something to work apart from reading medicine. great one from my very inquisitive friend

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